Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wow....where has the time gone????

Hey everyone.....I can not believe that it has been sooooo long since I have been on here.

Time does fly......Halloween was a blast....I dressed up as the Corpse Bride and had a blast!
My husband actually did my makeup ....... I was so impressed with the finished look :) I baked sugar cookies which were the cutest ever!! well, at least I think so hahhaha

I have also received a photo of myself in one of my aprons...the Rebel Full Apron. This photo was taken at a photoshoot with Dana Brushette....really excited about my new website that will be up soon.

Super busy with orders.....don't forget to check out my etsy shop....free shipping

oh....lastly I have been obsessing about snoods hahhaha I really want one and think I will order one from Arthelia's Attic on Etsy....wow, does she ever do an amazing job. You guys have to check them out!! let me know if you do!

Well, off to sew some more aprons.....take care :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time flies...

How time flies!!! I can not believe we are already in the middle of September!!!

I am making it a goal to start writing blogs on here.

I had such a busy summer with my full time job at the dental office, making time for family/friends tons of BBQ's and sewing my butt off hahhaha

The great news is that a boutique here in Downtown London has been ordering my products and they have been doing really well!!! they even have some of my stuff in the store window!!!

I also made it out to this years Festival of Fear in Toronto, Ontario....wow did I have fun. I met so many interesting people and had returning customers which was awesome. Oh and Jamie (Jammerdesignz) so many people wanted to know where they could get their own hair accessorie like mine!!!) Above is a picture of me with my Aunt Jo she owns Vampire Wear, she was also selling her goods. ( the pic is on the top of the page cause I have no clue on how to move the pics around hahahh)

I am getting ready for my next ladies night here at my home.... I host a ladies night where all my friends who are crafty sell thier goods. We have wine and food....we always have a great time...so next night is in October just in time for my favourite day Halloween!!! Can't wait, I have already started decorating the house!!!

What is everyones favourite holiday??? and what interesting things do you do for it??

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who knew???

So I have been tagged by Jamie from Jammerdesignz....the best accessories around....I think you all need to head over to her etsy shop to see what I mean.

I have been asked to share some things about myself...I have never really sat down to think about what I could share with everyone....so here goes...

1. I am Portuguese...my family is from the Azores...yes I speak Portuguese

2. I am a dental assistant although I studied fashion...I own Avental Kitchenware, which is funny to some because I do not cook hahahha

3. I am a list maker hahhaha...I make wish lists all the time....I am always thinking of something new I want!!! who doesn't ??

4. I am afraid of needles...and not the tattoo kind...I could faint at any given time when talking about them....oh no....I feel weak now lol

5. I have been married for 1 year but we have been together for 11 years

6. I am obsessed with the Internet...that is now lie....I check my emails all the time....I am also addicted to Etsy!!!!

7. We have a dog Nelley...I treat her like my little girl....I sing to her....she loves it...it helps her fall asleep hahahha

8. I love anything black, pink or leopard print....or Halloween!!!

9. I wish I could add more tattoos to the ones I have.....my job does not really allow for it ugh...

10. My perfect night consists of sitting in with the hubby and Nelley to watch some movies!!!

There you have it....not that interesting....but I make the best of it!!!