Friday, August 14, 2009

Who knew???

So I have been tagged by Jamie from Jammerdesignz....the best accessories around....I think you all need to head over to her etsy shop to see what I mean.

I have been asked to share some things about myself...I have never really sat down to think about what I could share with here goes...

1. I am family is from the Azores...yes I speak Portuguese

2. I am a dental assistant although I studied fashion...I own Avental Kitchenware, which is funny to some because I do not cook hahahha

3. I am a list maker hahhaha...I make wish lists all the time....I am always thinking of something new I want!!! who doesn't ??

4. I am afraid of needles...and not the tattoo kind...I could faint at any given time when talking about them....oh no....I feel weak now lol

5. I have been married for 1 year but we have been together for 11 years

6. I am obsessed with the Internet...that is now lie....I check my emails all the time....I am also addicted to Etsy!!!!

7. We have a dog Nelley...I treat her like my little girl....I sing to her....she loves helps her fall asleep hahahha

8. I love anything black, pink or leopard print....or Halloween!!!

9. I wish I could add more tattoos to the ones I job does not really allow for it ugh...

10. My perfect night consists of sitting in with the hubby and Nelley to watch some movies!!!

There you have it....not that interesting....but I make the best of it!!!


  1. Watch out, peeps!
    This gal is fabulous!
    So glad to see you in the blogging world!!!!!!

  2. hahahha Thank you !!!!! I am going to give this a try....I have a feeling I will just love it...just like I love reading yours!!!

  3. Portugese!!! I love it! Please tell me you have a pork chop tattoo! If not, Can I do it?! <3 So glad to have tagged you! And I love your kitchenware btw!

  4. hahhaha I have never even thought of a pork chop tattoo!! I love it!!! If I am ever down your way, you can def. do it !!! hahahhah

    Thank you ....... you know I love your hair accessories!!!!!