Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iron Fist Shoes

I thought I would share with everyone, my love for shoes!!!
Don't get me wrong....I love clothing....make-up....fabric.....but....what I love most are SHOES!!!

I have been into Iron Fist shoes for a few years now. I love everything about them. The styles, colours and uniqeness of them. I now own 10 pair and know that my collection will grow ;)

My newest pair are to die for hahhaha no really!!!! They are the sequin skull platform heel......I think I cried when I opened one of my Christmas gifts and the digiskull heels where inside the box!!! The Green pair in the photo below are another one of my favourite pair I own!

Does anyone else have a favourite shoe company or clothing company????


  1. Hey! Sorry I didn't want to have a convo on someone else's blog, I live in the GTA, some of my friends went to London for uni.

    And to answer this question, I love many different brands it just depends on what I can find to suit my style at the moment

  2. @Obsessed.Makup.Addict...It's a small world!!! London is pretty boring hahaha at least I think so. I have just gotten into Lush and I have become obsessed lol. I went into Lush a few weeks ago and they were completly sold out of the Holiday collection, but they have brought out their Valientines collection out!

    I have the same problem....there is always a new brand that I am loving!!!!

  3. @Avental OH EM GEEE someone that understands me!! When I get into a new brand I go head first, I only discovered lush in December and I've gone crazy. My Lush is in Markville and they are having a party next saturday and I'm excited to go because they usually give out goody bags, and its my first Lush party!

  4. @shannon @Monika .... Thank you...I just love Iron Fist Shoes, I love keeping them on display hahhaah they are so much fun and great conversation pieces ;)